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Classification knowledge of microsilica


Micro silica fume, I believe everyone knows and knows it, so, do you know its classification?

(1) Divided by SiO2 content:

1. SiO2≥85%, the typical value is above 88%, mainly to control the loss on ignition (≤6%), used for concrete and low-grade refractory materials.

2. SiO2≥90%, the typical value is about 92%, control related impurities according to customer requirements, used for concrete and general refractory materials.

3. SiO2≥92%, the typical value is about 94%, there are specific requirements, and the fluidity of micro-silica fume is required for medium and high-grade refractory materials.

4. SiO2≥97%, the typical value is more than 97%, there are strict impurity and ph value requirements, but different customers focus on inconsistent, used for high-quality refractory materials.

(2) Silica fume is divided according to particle size or specific surface area:

1. The median diameter is about 0.3um, the specific surface area is 15-25m2/g, and the particle size of almost all particles is less than or equal to 1um. Most of the silica fume in the world belongs to this category.

2. The median diameter of silica fume is about 0.1um or less, and the specific surface area value is ≥30m2/g, which generally appears in high-purity microsilica fume, which is relatively rare.

3. The median diameter is 0.5-2.0um, and the specific surface area is 5-15m2/g, which is rare.

4. The median diameter is ≥2.0um, which is extremely rare and has poor performance.

(3) Silica fume is divided by density:

1. The original state, 100-170kg/m3 is easy to bond, and the transportability is poor.

2. Mild encryption, 250-400kg/m3, basically free of particles, the transportability is obviously improved, but it is unstable due to the influence of temperature.

3. Semi-encrypted 400-500kg/m3, micro-silica fume begins to appear a large number of loose particles, which are not easy to bond and have good transportability.

4. The high density is 500-700kg/m3, and the basic concrete micro-silica fume is mainly composed of hard particles (different products have different particle sizes and compactness), and has excellent transportability.

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