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What to be careful with when handling microsilica


The fineness of micro-silica fume is less than 1μm, accounting for more than 80%, and the average particle size is 0.1-0.3μm, which is a gray state. Therefore, the bulk density is small, the natural inclination angle is large, fluffy, easy to fly, and difficult to store and transport. It is because of these characteristics that micro-silica fume manufacturers need to be more careful when handling them. So, what is the specific treatment process?

1. Silica fume is granulated and pelleted to increase the bulk density and then stored. Micro-silica fume is not equipped with any binder, and some add a small amount of sodium silicate or alkali metal hydroxide. The pellets produced are generally 6-30 mm in size, and are dried at a temperature of 200-250 °C, or calcined at 900 °C, and the resulting silica fume particles have high strength.

2. Hydration pulping. The micro-silica fume is mixed with 60% to 65% of water, stirred into a slurry by vibration, and pumped to the concrete plant for utilization. Silica fume is made into concrete with a 50/50 ratio of water for storage and transportation.

After acidizing the concrete silica fume, the treatment method can keep the water-like suspended solids in a stable fluidity, and can obtain good re-separation at any time.

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