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Silicon metal prices remain weak and stable


"FerroAlloys Online" 2022-1-5: In 2022, the metal silicon market will be calm, and various grades of metal silicon products show a weak and stable operation state, only a small drop of 500-100 yuan. At present, the low-grade 553# without oxygen is maintained at the ex-factory price of 19000-19200 yuan / ton, and the price of individual low-iron calcium products is about 300-500 yuan higher, and there is no decline. Products such as 3303# and 421# have dropped to between 21500-22500 yuan/ton, which has been stable for about a week.

The main reasons for the difficulty in rising and falling transaction prices in the current silicon metal market are as follows: First, the factory's profit is acceptable this year, and the funds are slightly more abundant than in previous years. The second is that there is still a surplus of metal silicon social inventory, downstream factories and individual traders stocked up before years, although the demand is large, but the orders just needed are placed in small batches, and the small quantity is difficult to stimulate the market to support the price.

Therefore, it is more reasonable to maintain the current price difference between high and low grades of 2500-3000 yuan and a small amount of profit for silicon factories. Later changes in electricity prices and coal prices may cause further fluctuations in the silicon metal market.

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