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Use of micro silicon powder in thermal insulation materials


As a new raw material, micro-silica powder is widely used in thermal insulation materials. It plays an important role in the improvement of amorphous refractories. The performance of the body is as follows: 1. There are many pores in the traditional refractory material, and the micro-silica powder is filled in the pores, which increases the bulk density and reduces the porosity, and the strength can be obviously enhanced.

2, micro-silica powder has strong activity, can form colloidal particles in water, adding appropriate amount of dispersant, can enhance fluidity, thereby improving pouring performance.

3. Micro-silica powder easily forms -Si-OH group in water, has strong hydrophilicity and activity, can enhance the coagulation of refractory materials, and has a great improvement on high-temperature performance, and can prolong the service life of refractory products. .

Microsilica is widely used in the refractory industry. The practical application is as follows:

Instead of pure aluminum oxide mud as a refractory material. The production of amorphous and shaped refractory products as an additive greatly improves the strength and high temperature properties. The casting of the steel drum as a whole is combined with a coagulant. Adhesives, binders, coagulants, additives for other refractory products.

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