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Application of microsilica in building materials


With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the development prospects of micro-silica fume are getting better and better. Silica fume is a white powder, the important thing is its properties. It can fill the gaps in the concrete and make the performance of the concrete reach a better state. This is also the reason why it can sell well in the market and has great prospects for development.

Many customers may not know what micro-silica is, but it is closely related to our lives. In this era of high-rise buildings, it is as important as the foundations of high-rise buildings and is closely related to us. The foundation is an important cornerstone of a high-rise building. When building a high-rise building, if the foundation is not properly laid, the entire high-rise building may collapse. Micro silica fume is a gray or off-white powder in appearance. It is a powder, but it is very heat-resistant, which is its important performance. Also, it's mildly light. This ensures that it can be better immersed in the concrete during the production process, and the quality of the concrete is guaranteed. Its main function is that it has been used as an admixture for cement and concrete.

The reason why microsilica is so popular is because of its good performance and multifunctionality. It has the functions of high pressure resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. The effect of anti-high pressure can ensure that it can ensure the high-pressure resistance of the product in the process of making the product, thereby ensuring the quality of the product. Impact resistance, this performance is very important. It can ensure the impact resistance of the product. We all know that concrete products such as cement need to have impact resistance. This performance can ensure that it has a long shelf life and can be used for a long time. It is a very important performance. Micro silica fume is a must-have product in the industry and is also widely used in the manufacturing industry.

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